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Master List

So, I've decided to post a master list, purely because I can't be stuffed scrolling through my own entries. T-T
That's how lazy I am.

So, here is my (short) list of fics I have written:

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Don't you hate...

...that infuriating feeling when you remember part of a vague plot for something and you can't remember if it was a story you read, fanfiction or your mind playing tricks on you.

This random thought popped into my head where I swear I could remember a story where people would pay buttloads of money apartments in the ideal heights of super-tall skyscrapers so they could party and watch all the people jumping/falling off. And the main character was a girl. That's all I recall.

God I hope that's an actual story and not the creation of my own mind o.O

Suits; plz help me watch

Gaaaah, does anyone know where I can watch Suits online? Youtube only has two eps and I really need to catch up to where the Oz airing is up to *puppy eyes*


I think I underestimated how awesome the laser skirmish I'm playing tomorrow is gonna be.

It's got lasers.

It's in the Aussie bush.

You can have a fucking laser sniper rifle.

I just looked at the actual site, and you can use laser machine pistols, SMGs, Carbines, Assault Rifles and Sniper rifles.


On the count of three...

...everybody go "N'awwwww".


Watch it. It's so freaking adorable. Especially you deviouskirin, I know you'll love this.


Title: Non sum qualis eram
Author: necro_omen13
Pairing: Established non-explicit M!Hawke/Anders
Rating: T
Spoilers: No major plot spoilers
Summary: Written for a prompt on the DA!kink!meme: Anders's male LI is cheating on him. A heartbroken Anders knows, but he stays and doesn't even confront him about it because he doesn't feel like he's worth being true to.

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10/4 Goodbuddy

Well look at that, I'm officially 19 years old.

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DA2 Fanfiction - Blood

Title: Blood
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Vague, but major, spoilers for Dragon Age 2. Because of this, please be warned that reviews may contain spoilers.
Summary: Miles of travel, months of running, and still the blood wouldn't wash away.
Characters: The entire group of companions.
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own it. But I think you probably knew that.
Warnings: None that I can think of, if you think there are any, hit me up via review or PM. I will warn for gratuitous use of the comma and semi-colon however.
Notes: This fic is slightly AU. Hawke is an F!Rogue, but Carver lived instead of Bethany and became a Templar, leaving Kirkwall with the group. Also, this fic seems to ignore Varric's conversations with the Seeker, as you will see.
Continuity: Several of the non!canon events mentioned in this fic are expanded on and explained in another, unrelated, DA2 fic I'm attempting to write, but hopefully you'll be able to follow them anyway.


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Dear 2012,

Fuck off, you're almost two years early.

Asia & Australasia.

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For the lolz

From some book:

Jacko (Aussie): Mate, we're stuffed. Rooted.
Jimmy (African American): Rooted?
Jacko: It means we're fucked, up shit creek... it's Australian.
Jimmy: Rooted! Hey, dat's good, man! I'm rooted.
Jacko: No, that's not the same thing. When you say "I'm rooted" it means you're tired. "We're rooted" means we're stuffed, finished, washed up. "Get rooted" means piss off, beat it, scram. "I've been rooted" means I've been cheated or badly done by. "I rooted her" means I had sex with a woman.
Jimmy: Whoa, man, dat Aus-tray-lee-an a mighty strange language for sure!

Bloody oath, I love the aussie language! XD

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